Join the Valley Christmas Choir

We'd love you to join in our Chew Christmas choir. Here's how you can get involved.

Below is a guide track video of the carol "O Come All Ye Faithful" all you need to do is record yourself, either on your own or with your family, singing along to the video.

You will need:
- A phone or tablet to play the guide track
- Some headphones to plug into that phone or tablet
- The lyrics for O Come All Ye Faithful (Click here to download the lyrics)
- A different phone or tablet to record yourself on

Here's how to do it:
1. Plug your headphones into your phone/tablet
2. Load up the video below on that phone/tablet
3. Get your other phone/tablet ready to record. Open the camera app, make sure the phone/tablet is set up in landscape mode (so on it's side, we want the video to be wide not high).
4. When you're ready hit record on the phone/tablet with the camera open
5. Then hit play on the other phone/tablet with the video (guide track) open
6. Sing along to the guide track
7. When you reach the end of the song hit stop on the video and on the camera
8. Whatsapp your video to Matt (who'll be editing them all together for us) on 07710 434 738, Or send them to John or Nigel who can get them to Matt.

When do I need to get this done by?
Matt will need your video by Sunday 6th December

A couple of tips for you:
- Only have 1 ear phone in, it will help you to hear yourself sing and this will help you to be in tune

- Try to stay fairly still in the video, and aim to be in the middle of the screen
- If you're worried about how you sound... don't, when everyone else is singing along with you it will sound great!

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