Worship Gatherings

Sunday 10:30am
with Youth & children's church

We do not hold our usual worship service on the 5th Sunday of a month. For more info see "5th Sundays" below.

What's it all about?
We believe that gathering together as believers in Jesus to worship Him is so key to what it means for us to be church.
We are first and foremost all about Jesus.
Worship, while being so many things, is primarily about declaring Him as King and positioning our hearts and lives humbly before Him. What's amazing about this is that as we honour Him, submit to Him, glorify Him, and surrender to Him, we actually find ourselves caught up by His grace in His love, where there is freedom, hope, forgiveness, healing and so much more.
This is simply because when we declare Him as King, He comes into our lives as our King establishing His rule and reign in our hearts and bringing His kingdom, the kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of goodness, the kingdom of life.
Worship is all about Jesus, but the mystery is that He is a God who is all about love. He's so good. The bible says He is overflowing with goodness and faithfulness. And this is what draws us to worship Jesus.

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5th Sundays

About 4 times a year there is a month with a 5th Sunday in it. When that happens we don't have our usual worship services instead we have a Fellowship Sunday where we gather together for food and family fun.

5th Sunday of the month.
12:00 - 14:00

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Home group

Everywhere he went Jesus took the 12 disciples with him. We see in scripture that small, authentic community, where you can share life, pray together and read, and talk about, the scriptures is essential for us to grow as followers of Jesus.

Tuesday nights. 7:30pm
Talk to an elder to join a group