We gather together every Sunday morning (except 5th Sundays of the month - see below) at 10:30am to worship Jesus and hear from His word together. We believe that when we worship Jesus and declare Him as king of our lives something of His kingdom breaks in bringing with it the goodness and peace of His reign. We also believe that His word brings life and so we love to spend time reading and hanging out in His word (the bible) together.

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We are all one church, from the youngest to the eldest, and so we always start are gatherings by worshipping Jesus together. Then after our time of worship and young people and children head out to their own groups to explore the bible together and see how it speaks into their own lives through games, activities and age appropriate discussions.



Four times a year there are five Sundays in a month. On these Sundays we do not hold our usual morning service. Instead we gather 12-2pm for fellowship, fun and food - because church is more than sermons and songs! It's about being family together in Jesus.

The next 5th Sunday gatherings are:
October 30th and January 29th

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We hold Sunday evening gatherings on weeks 1 and 2 of the month. These gatherings start at 7pm.

Week 1: Praise, Prayer and Prophecy evening
Week 2: Bible Q&A
Week 3: Discipleship Course - Starting January 2023