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About Our Church

Counterslip Baptist Church is a group of people based in the south of Bristol who together are working out what it means to be disciples of Jesus at this point in history, right here where we live, work, love, strive, succeed, fail, celebrate, commiserate, mourn, laugh, cry.... and so on. We believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and we believe that by His Spirit we can know Him and walk with Him today. As a community we seek to encourage each other to do just that in all the areas of our lives, in each and every moment.


Meet our team

  • Matt Caddick


  • Jacob Whatling

    Youth Worker

  • Emily Redshaw


  • Val Hills


  • Glenys Lewis


  • Steve O'Shea


  • Fi Hunt


  • Andrea Laity

    Finance Deacon

    Email: office@counterslip.org
    Andrea is also our church administrator

  • John Kirby

    Facilities Deacon

  • Steve Laity

    Fabric Deacon

  • Anna Jeffery

    Family Deacon

  • Angela Cox

    Family Deacon

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