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Corona Virus response (16/03/2020)

Dear Church, You may or may not have seen the news today (16/03/2020) which included the latest update and measures being advised by the government regarding the spread of corona virus. This advise includes the following:

- Social distancing: People are advised not to attend clubs, pubs, theatres and social gatherings

- Protecting the vulnerable: this means self-isolating, or reducing social contact for the next 3 months for those who are aged 70+ and/or have underlying health conditions

- Reducing the risk of spread: People who have symptoms (eg persistent cough, or fever, or cold/flu type symptoms), and people who live with a person who has any of these symptoms are being advised to stay at home for 14 days, and not attend work or school, only leaving the house for emergencies or to buy essential food/items. People are also being advised to keep a 2 meter distance from anyone with symptoms.

What are we doing?

These are challenging times and we want to continue to be a Jesus people in these times. This means, like Romans 13 tells us, submitting to those in leadership and therefore we want to do all we can to follow the advice being given by the government. We also want to be a selfless and humble people who seek to love and care for others and therefore in order to do this we are taking the following action with immediate effect:

- All our mid week groups (New Horizons, Toddlers, BB, Brownies, LED, Drop Zone, Youth Club, Ark, Ladies Bible study) will be closed until further notice.

- The trustees will endeavour to send out a weekly update to everyone with the latest on where we are at as a church with responding to corona virus.

Foodbank: One thing we would like to try to keep running is the Food bank in order to provide food for those most in need in our society during this time. However most of our volunteers for this are in the vulnerable category and so at the moment this will also cease to operate. If, however, you do not fall into this category and think you could be on site on a Friday to help operate a very scaled down version of food bank which would simply allow those in need to collect already sorted packages of food please do contact Graham Sims, he would need 6 volunteers. You can reach Graham on: edgefield@blueyonder.co.uk Please know that your safety should come first in any decision you make regarding helping with this. And if you are in the vulnerable category (70+ or having underlying health conditions) please know that however much you may want to help we simply cannot accept your help at this time, but thank you. Sunday: It is likely that we will also not be gathering together in our usual way on Sunday. The final call on how we will come together as church has not yet been made, and we will update you on Wednesday afternoon regarding this. But it is likely that we will encourage people to meet in home groups or other small home gatherings if you are not part of a home group. Along side this we may look into the possibility of streaming a talk to you over the internet and/or providing you with resources that you can use as you meet together as church. What else can you do? We are a Jesus people. We are a people of hope. And we are a people of peace. We remain that even in challenging times. Please pray. Pray for our leaders. Pray for those who are sick. Pray for those who are anxious. Pray for those who are isolated and maybe lonely at this time. And carry the peace of God with you into all your conversations and all the situations you find yourselves in. If you are isolated please do let the church office know. We can't promise anything but we would like to think that between us in our community we would be able to help each other even if that's as simple as a phone call to chat, delivering some food, or picking up medicine for you. If you are not isolated and you have the means of being able to call someone who is isolated for a chat, or can do a food or medicine run for someone please also contact the church office and let Andrea know so that we can start to compile a list of names of people who maybe able to support and care for those in our community who are in need. Please know that I am only at the end of the phone if anyone needs to call me. I unfortunately am currently on lock down for 14 days as I have cold/flu symptoms, so I may not be able to come to you but I can chat with you and pray with you if you would like that. The Elders and the Deacons are praying for our church right now and seeking God for how to lead us well, and love us well, throughout this time. God bless you all. We will be in touch later in the week with a further update. Matt  on behalf of the trustees