Please note that in order to love, serve and honour our community we have decided to stop all gatherings during the COIVD outbreak.

Why we're not meeting

•We want to keep our church, especially the vulnerable safe

•Services would be very limited: No singing, 2m distance, no socialising, no tea/coffee, facemasks to be worn at all times, limited numbers of people (29) at a service, most people could not attend

•A physical service would mean those not there would miss out. We do not have the technology to live stream

More than COVID

•While COVID is a big factor in this season, we want to be led by God and not just by our circumstances.

•We believe beyond all measure that God is still God, and we are still the church.

•And that means that God is doing something even in this time.

•We believe that this is a new season for us to grow in, to experience more of Him in and that remains our goal above meeting in a building.

What we are doing

•Online and DVD worship services enabling us in our homes to still create space to be with Jesus.

•Home groups over zoom enabling us together to learn from Jesus.

•New family deacons in place, working alongside the elders, to help and encourage us to connect, to love and to serve one another, enabling us to become like Jesus.

What you can do

•First and foremost you are responsible for your own discipleship to Jesus. The best thing you can do in this season to find hope is to be with Him. Connect using our online worship time and the daily bible readings. Join a homegroup (we can help you get online) for community, prayer, support and bible study.

•Love one another: call each other, go for walks with one other person, pray for each other, gather in small groups (when permitted by the government) to watch the online services together.

•Don’t stop being the church. It’s who you are, not something you attend.

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