Heard that your friend goes to church and want to know more about who this Jesus guy is? Or maybe you’ve been coming to church for years with your parents, but want to discover more for yourself? Do you like playing games and watching films?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’re in the right place. Here at Counterslip we are first and foremost about Jesus. And we believe that He is so much more than just some guy who was into carpentry and wandered around Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. We believe that He is the answer to EVERYTHING. So our main aim is to be with Him, learn from Him and become like Him.

But we’re also big fans of having fun and hanging out with friends, watching movies and playing games together!

Any of that sound good? Check out what we’ve got on offer down below! We can’t wait to see you!

Jacob Whatling
Youth Worker
Fusion - Online
Fusion takes place over on the Youth At Counterslip youtube channel right now. We want to be people who are seeking Jesus more and more in our lives, and one definite way to do that is by opening the Bible and seeing Him reveal himself to us. Tune in on a Sunday morning (or anytime during the week that you’ve got a spare 15 minutes!) to hear Jacob and other leaders share thoughts about what they’ve read in the Bible each week, interspersed with plenty of pop culture references and cheesy jokes, with the aim of encouraging you to pick up your own Bible and see what it’s all about!
LED (Living Ever Deeper) is our youth church slot on a Wednesday night, 7-9pm. There’s space to catch up and play games, time to open the Bible together, learn more about Jesus and attempt to answer some of life’s big questions, as well as opportunities to pray for each other. On Zoom for the time being, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had, and Jesus isn’t the type of guy to let himself be limited by technology!
Film Night Friday
Film Night Fridays are a brand new, lockdown inspired addition to our youth programme! We’ve been watching films together via Netflix parties each Friday. Keep an eye on the youth Instagram (@youth_at_counterslip) and Facebook (Youth At Counterslip) pages to cast your vote and help us decide what we’re watching, then hit the link in the pages’ bio to register for our Zoom call! Then simply turn up at 7pm on a Friday evening. Don’t forget your popcorn!
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