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We're reading the bible together over two years

As a church we are seeking to be disciples of Jesus, those who are together being with Jesus, learning from Jesus and becoming like Jesus. One way that we can discover more of what Jesus is like and learn from Him is by reading the bible.

If you journey with us as a church you will get to read the whole bible every two years, that looks like roughly two chapters a day, that's just one in the morning and one in the evening.

We believe that reading the bible every day is an amazing thing to do, even when you read bits that make you go "eww, what is that about" and it leaves you a little confused. You see, reading the bible isn't about understanding everything, there's something even more amazing that happens when you read the bible. Every time you read it, whether you realise it or not, something of your heart shifts a little and starts to align with heaven and over time you start to notice that even the weird bits seem to start speaking to you. 
So give it a go. Get stuck in. Start to discover more of who Jesus is and see what starts to happen in your own life!

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