We're all about Jesus

Take a look around our world. Listen to the conversations that are taking place; on the streets; in coffee shops; in the media; on Facebook feeds; between parents at the school gate as they drop off their children; over dinner tables; over death beds and in the more reflective hours of the early morning, after nights out and late night parties. If you do, you’ll discover that most of us are all looking for a Way forward, for a Truth that makes sense to us, and for a Life with meaning and purpose. It’s like we know we were made for more…
…and we believe, you were!

We believe that Jesus is the one through whom all things were made. He is the one who gives life to all things.


Without Him nothing can fully live. And that’s why some of us still feel that there’s more we haven’t yet grasped, experienced or understood.

It’s recorded that Jesus Himself said that He came that we might have life, and life in all of its fullness. He also said this “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” His teaching is His way, if you hold to His way then you’ll discover the Truth, not just a truth but The Truth that is the truth behind everything, God Himself; and that Truth, that God, will set you free, which means He’ll bring you to life in all of its fullness.

The bible says that God SO loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not die but live. I like to explain that like this….

…He loved us so much, that he gave up his heavenly glory and became a man. But it didn’t stop there. He went on to give up even more. By being nailed to a cross and dying, He literally nailed Himself to the centre of human history so that everyone could see Him there so clearly, in order that we would know two things:

1. Who He is and what He is like. He is not a God who lords it over us, but a God that gets down in the dirt with us, levels with us, stands with us. He is a God who is for us and loves us, willing to give Himself for us.

2. That we have somewhere to leave, dump, get rid of, hang, crucify and kill all the things that chain us up and stop us from living. The bible calls that stuff sin, and the place where we can dispose of it is the cross of Jesus. He died giving us the chance to let all our rubbish die there too.
Then He rose again, showing us that none of these things, not even death, have power over us to stop us from living life in all of its fullness.

That’s who Jesus is. And that’s what He invites each of us to know and experience.
And that’s why we think Jesus is so amazing and we love Him so much.


The Way, The Truth and The Life.