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Mission Partners

We're excited to be partnering with people all over the world, sharing the good news of Jesus and seeing people everywhere experiencing the love of God, as the gospel goes out in word and deed.


Kalbassou: Chad

Kalbassou Doubassou is a Cameroonian Advanced Nurse and Surgeon, and Director at the BMS-supported Guinebor II hospital in Chad. Before joining BMS World Mission as an International Mission Worker, Kalbassou was chief personnel co-ordinator at Meskine Hospital in Cameroon. In June 2016 Kalbassou started working at Guinebor II hospital, and after working there for a year, Kalbassou began his service with BMS World Mission as an International Mission Worker. Kalbassou is married to Maimouna, and they have four adult children and five other younger adopted children.

Helen & Wit: Thailand

Wit and Helen work as church planters among the largely unreached indigenous Thai Buddhist people group. In this exciting new BMS work, Wit and Helen help to plant churches and disciple local believers alongside Thai church planters. Wit is originally from Thailand and before starting with BMS was minister at Thrapston Baptist Church while Helen is a TEFL teacher. Together they have two grown-up children.

james virag.jpg

James & Virag: Hungary

James and Virag met and married in Bath, but have returned to live in the village in Hungary that Virag is originally from. There they have moved into the community to be a Christian presence and share the good news of Jesus with the people there through their lives. They have set up a community coffee shop (the only one in the village) and Virag has started working with families from disadvantaged backgrounds in a local playgroup/drop in centre. Their heart is to make disciples as they make relationships with the poeple in the village.

Counterslip Cares Foodbank: Bristol

The volunteers at Counterslip Cares food bank are seeking to share the love of God with those in food poverty by living out the call of Jesus to feed the poor and hungry. Week on week they provide food and guidance on financial issues, such as debt, for between 100-300 people.


Hope for life Katanga

We are enabling families in Uganda to realise their potential towards living a self-sufficient life. It is unacceptable that people today are living in conditions of poverty. We encounter people everyday who are striving to better their situation but are unable to realise their full potential without access to some basic community services; education, training, micro-credit and healthcare.

Med Air

Global emergencies are on the rise.
The people who are most vulnerable are harder to reach.
Crises are lasting longer.
We bring life-saving relief to communities who need help, by responding, rebuilding and strengthening.

We employ experts in health and nutrition; shelter and infrastructure; water, sanitation, and hygiene. We provide cash assistance that enables families to meet their basic needs quickly during crises.


Bible Society

When we read the Bible we find out more about God, more about ourselves and more about the world. That’s why we want to share it.

We invite people to discover the Bible’s message for themselves, even if they’ve never thought the Bible was for them. We want them to read it, be excited by it and find their lives changed by it.

We help to get bibles to people all around the world, from people in prisons here in the UK to those in countries where they would never normally be able to find a copy of the scriptures.

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